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There are three options for the tour:
Map – explore using the map of the Cathedral. You can touch each hotspot to get more information.
Explore – select from a list the hotspot you would like to explore.
Tour – Embark on a tour, guided by the app, starting in the Welcome Centre.
Tour instructions:
A selection of photographs will guide you along the route of the tour. Swipe left on the photos, or use the arrows and text to guide you to each hotspot. Press ‘continue’ to access the information for each hotspot. When you reach the hotspot, the symbols beneath the photos allow you to select three types of content:
• The history of the hotspot
• Hotspot quiz
• Hotspot facts
Once you have explored each section of the hotspot, press to proceed to the next hotspot.
We hope that you enjoyed your app experience!
It costs £5000 a day to keep this amazing building open and free to enter. Donations are gratefully received. You can donate in the Cathedral or on our website.
Don’t want the adventure to end? Why not take a free guided tour with one of our Cathedral Guides? Check out timings below. Thank you for visiting St Albans Cathedral!
Thank you for visiting St Albans Cathedral!
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